Rowing my own course in the world of tea.


Twenty six years in the tea industry: the joy of introducing Ceylon Tea to someone new is yet, to me, one of life’s simple pleasures.

Tea is a family tradition and as the third generation from my family in tea, I consider it a responsibility to develop new markets for an industry that sustained my family for 78 years, and to share the benefits that Camellia sinensis assamica, grown and manufactured in my country Sri Lanka (Ceylon), since 1876, offers to today’s tea drinkers around the world.

Throughout history tea has been believed to ‘preserve the body’ and ‘purify the mind.’ There are now thousands of studies published in leading medical journals providing proof to support tea’s ancient claims.

A small island at the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka has several unique agro climatic regions that produce some of the world’s finest teas grown at elevations ranging from 600 to 1900 meters above sea level. My personal favourites are teas grown in the Dimbulla Valley. These were some of the first areas to be planted with tea, and I grew up here on a tea plantation managed by my father.


Childhood home: Rosita bungalow set in a 2 1/2 acre lawn on a tea plantation, Dimbula ,Sri Lanka

My company, Empire Teas (Pvt) Ltd is a leading exporter of quality Pure Ceylon Teas and is among the top five exporters of tea in Sri Lanka. Annually, we export over 14 million kg. of bulk, private label and branded tea. We have our own modern factory, warehousing that can store one million kg. of tea, in house package design and an experienced logistics team with the knowledge and capability to offer a customized service in any part of the world.

I founded the company in the year 2000 with just 5 employees and a passion to create new markets for Ceylon Tea – a near impossible dream in the extremely competitive world of tea exporters. We were confronted by business and personal challenges in our initial years, but the friendship and concern of our customers and my experience in competitive rowing which has taught me to stay in the moment: never looking back or too far ahead, helped me pull us through this turbulent period. We now export our tea to over 40 countries and the company has grown to a family of 150 associates who share my passion.

I felt I had to do more to develop an industry that has been a family tradition for 78 years and this led to creating the HYSON brand. HYSON continues the tradition of orthodox tea manufacturing in which the character of the plantation based on its location within Sri Lanka’s unique agro-climatic zones, the skill of the women tea pluckers in selecting two leaves and a bud, combines with the skills of the estate management and the tea maker.

We continue this process by careful selection and tasting of estate tea which we then buy through the Colombo Tea Auction. These teas are then sent directly to our warehouse in which we have capacity to store up to 1 million kilograms of tea. We manufacture in our modern factory with a careful eye on quality. Our processes are audited and certified through FSSC 22000, ISO 9001:2008, BRC, HACCP, Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher and Halal.  

HYSON is for tea lovers across the world Our passion is creating special blends of handcrafted tea that allow you to savour a moment of relaxation and calm: helping you to discover your focus, balance and inner energy throughout the day.

HYSON is now enjoyed by consumers in over 30 countries. The journey from good to great is a constant quest. It is about challenging myths and seeking to make a sustainable leap. We are committed to developing excellence in our processes for customer and consumer satisfaction and for offering the best tea products to global markets.

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